Anna Beres

Northwest Indiana based Mixed-media Artist
Fine Art, Jewelry, Crafts, & Accessories

Hi there! My name is Anna Beres and I’m the artist, entrepreneur, and instructor behind Stargirl Crafts. I’m a Northwest Indiana based mixed-media artist and instructor in and around Valparaiso, Porter County, and LaPorte County. My home bases are Valpo and Westville.

As an artist, I’m often asked what my favorite medium, art, or craft is. I tell everyone, “I don’t have a favorite medium or a niche. I’m constantly exploring and experimenting with all sorts of mediums and techniques!” I find that the title, “mixed-media artist” covers all of what I make.

I first started selling my creative work to my peers at elementary school and during summer camp. My parents caught on and supported my entrepneurial interests and artistic endeavors. They helped guide me in the very beginning stages of my artistic career by signing me up for art and craft shows and markets around Porter County and LaPorte County.

By the time I was a teenager, I decided to continue my creative journey by learning and growing throughout hands-on experience in a combination of in-person art classes and self-taught instruction. I continued selling my creative work to peers and at markets throughout middle school and high school.

During high school, I had decided that I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist. I took every art class available and was a student aid for my art teacher. I graduated from Westville in 2019 and was nominated “Most Likely to Become an Artist” in the yearbook.

During my senior year of college in January 2023, I started teaching art classes in Valparaiso. I worked hard to earn my Bachelors degree in Art from Valparaiso University and graduated in May of 2023.

You can find me selling my work in-person at art and crafts shows around Northwest Indiana.

You can take one of my in-person classes for hands-on instruction and learn how to use a new medium, make a project, or learn a new craft.

You can stay updated with my events and classes by following me on any one of my social media accounts.